Our Services

Within our workshop, we offer a professional and high-quality range of antique restoration and antique conservation services to repair or refinish your favourite antique furniture. We can repair the smallest scratch, or undertake a complete build and restoration. Our services include repairs and restoration of antique and modern furniture.

Restoration Images

No challenge is too difficult for us, we can restore the following damages:

  • Scratches nicks and dents
  • Heat mark removal
  • Pet damage
  • Smoke and fire damage
  • Sun damage
  • Moving damage
  • Stains and water rings
  • Floor repairs, staircases, handrails and wood panelling
  • Re-leathering (e.g. desks)
  • Marquetry, inlay and gilding work
  • Veneer repairs/replacement, split surfaces
  • Broken legs and drawer runners
  • Furniture enhancements
  • Colour change (chairs, tables, etc.)
  • Colour matching to existing furniture

If you are not sure if we can help, please contact us for friendly advice on 1300 750 733.

Antique cabinet making

We offer a full range of cabinet making abilities including structural repairing, matching and repairing of veneers, marquetry work and repairs, woodcarving and woodturning. We only use traditional techniques with a selection of quality period timbers and veneers. As an added benefit, we repair and replicate original carvings to replace missing parts, missing veneers, mouldings, legs or feet.

Antique finishes

Today’s French polishes are more durable than our ancestors could have predicted. Sprayed lacquers offer an entire range of tough finishes that can be packed and delivered within hours of completion. Wax is still appropriate in many cases. We use a range of traditional and modern techniques to produce the finest quality finishes, these include:

  • Traditional French polishing
  • Hand applied shellac finishes
  • Wax polish
  • Lacquer finishes including polyurethane
  • Water based and spirit staining
  • Colour washes
  • Limed oak finishes
  • Oil finishes
  • Leathering and baize

Desks, secretaries and davenports can be transformed using fine hides and skivers, which can be hand dyed to your choice of colour and enhanced by a variety of gold leaf tooling. We also offer a full baizing service.