Antique Furniture Imports & Restoration

Your home is a reflection of you, and your furniture is a reflection of your personal style. Based in Wangara, Antique Warehouse sources and restores seasoned furniture from regions around the world, to bring genuine antique flair to your home.

We regularly import fine antique pieces, which are sold at trade prices. Our expertise extends to all aspects of antique furniture woodwork, wood care and evaluation. We have carefully restored, repaired or refinished every piece of antique furniture featured on our website catalogue.

Beauty, rarity and age are factors that contribute to a piece of antique furniture. It is essential that these aged pieces are kept in impeccable condition, however, furniture that has not been looked after properly can be beautifully restored. Depending on the condition, selected pieces of furniture are kept in the condition they arrive in, because it may add to the value of that specific piece.

At Antique Warehouse, we offer a full range of services, encompassing every aspect of antique furniture restoring, repairing and polishing. We take great pride and enjoyment in bringing a wide selection of antique home furniture back to life. Our specialised workshop is equipped with specialised tools, required to revive quality antique furniture and antique woodwork, at a fraction of the purchase price.

Contact Antique Warehouse for all your antique furniture requirements.

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